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As a Family Office, we are convinced that your assets deserve the same attention as that of an entrepreneur to his company. Objectives, dashboards, strategy… We have put in place a methodology that allows you to concentrate on the essentials, with total peace of mind.

Our method is based on



Administrative assistance

Just like a company’s accounting department, we take care of the daily follow-up of all the administrative tasks specific to your assets. Optimisation of rates, verification of taxes, recuperation of the TST, verification of the TER or of the dividend withholding tax, etc. Our back office ensures that nothing escapes your attention. Everything is rigorously and systematically encoded, read and seen!



In a fast-moving and agile market, meeting your level of demand requires a thorough and regular analysis of your assets. This is the role of our financial analysts who monitor the progress of your financial and property investments on a daily basis. Proactivity, reactivity, precision… They make sure that your assets are in line with your strategy and contact our experts to validate their adequacy. They also look after your liquid assets and organise the cash flow of your Private Equity activities.


Reflection and transmission

To sell, to keep, to transfer… At Family Partners, the family always has the last word. As a trusted partner, we accompany you over the long term by anticipating your needs in terms of asset engineering, investment strategy and family governance. Would you like to buy a chalet in the mountains, sell one of your start-ups or engage in philanthropy? Whatever your aspirations and lifestyle, count on us to help you make the right choices, at the right time and at the right price.

Sectors of activity of our


Investment strategy

Sustainable investment strategy

Tax optimisation

Accompaniment in inheritance planning

Company acquisitions, sales and transfers

Real estate


Private Equity