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Family partners is a mix of young, motivated employees who keep up with current times. Both competent and complementary, they work in a dynamic and positive environment. They all share the same goal: put their energy at your service in order to perpetuate your assets and facilitate their transmission to the next generation.

Family Partners - FP Groupe2 2
Family Partners -27 Delphine Barbier
Delphine Barbier
Senior Assistant
Family Partners -23 Stéphanie Demeuse
Stéphanie Demeuse
Senior Assistant
Family Partners -36 Sherif Elherrawi
Sherif Elherrawi
Senior Financial Analyst
Family Partners -19 Arnould de Foestraets
Arnould de Foestraets
Family Officer
Family Partners -25 Marie-Pierre François
Marie-Pierre François
Senior Assistant
Family Partners -35 Thierry François
Thierry François
Senior Private Equity Advisor
Family Partners -20 Xavier Hannaerts
Xavier Hannaerts
Head of Investment & Research
Family Partners -26 Alexia Hanzen
Alexia Hanzen
Family Partners -16 Alexandre Heynderickx
Alexandre Heynderickx
Family Partners -30 Amaury Heynderickx
Amaury Heynderickx
Managing Partner
Family Partners -17 Clément Ickx
Clément Ickx
Junior Analyst
Family Partners -29 Gatien Laloux
Gatien Laloux
Managing Partner
Family Partners -11 Bruno Lantonnois
Bruno Lantonnois van Rode
Head of Commercial Analyst
Family Partners -32 Loïc Lauwers
Loïc Lauwers
Managing Partner
Kurt Lenchant
Kurt Lenchant (RSM)
Tax specialist
Family Partners -34 Loïc Paquot
Loïc Paquot
Senior Financial Analyst
Family Partners -28 Astrid de Poix
Astrid de Poix
Head of Administration
Family Partners -31 Diego de Potter
Diego de Potter
Managing Partner
Family Partners -21 Marie-Paule Theisman
Marie-Paule Theisman
Family Partners -22 Pauline Tuytel
Pauline Tuytel
Quentin de Viron
Family Officer
Anne-Catherine Smets
Anne-Catherine Smets