Family Partners
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Why choose Family Partners?

Full independence

Created in 2009, Family Partners assists its clients in the management of their assets with passion and integrity. By serving the financial interests of several entrepreneurs and families, we have developed a unique expertise based on independence and the exchange of best practices.


From financial, legal and tax advice to cost control and risk management, our team is able to offer you a high value-added service in all aspects of asset optimisation. Assisted by a network of experienced and responsive experts, we develop solutions that perfectly match your preferences and objectives in terms of profitability.


Our reputation is our most valuable asset. That's why we do everything we can to earn your trust over the long term. Our ambition? To ensure your peace of mind, at all times. This includes transparent communication, absolute discretion and total integrity.

Solution minded

Each person in a family is unique and so is their relationship with the concept of money. To speed up the decision-making process with regard to your asset and family issues, we act as an external and impartial facilitator. If necessary, we favour diplomacy and mediation to help your family reach a consensus.